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Compare iPad Insurance

To compare iPad Insurance and find the policy for you, simply choose your iPad model in the drop-down menu below.

Get the Right iPad insurance at the Right Price

Keep in mind your iPad's importance

Let's face it – the iPad is the digital version of the Swiss Army Knife. Your iPad lets you read e-books, watch multimedia content, listen to music, and thanks to apps – do a ton of other things. Less bulky than a full-sized notebook computer and more robust than an iPhone, the iPad is sized just right to give you the mobility and portability you need for a busy lifestyle without sacrificing computing power. These devices are fast becoming indispensable for people on the go who value convenience and productivity.

Given the importance of your iPad, protect your investment by insuring it.

Protect your investment with the RIGHT
Apple iPad insurance plan

Thanks to small gadget insurance plans, it is now possible to get insurance coverage for Apple iPads. However, not all iPad insurance plans are the same. While some plans quote you really low rates, the protection they accord are so minimal as to invalidate the value of the plan. Other plans offer beefier rates but they often include coverage for conditions that are often not needed by regular users. Prospective iPad insurance buyers are caught walking a tightrope between being underinsured and being over insured. While the former gives you a false sense of security, the latter makes you pay more than what you should. Follow the easy guide below to identify and keep in mind key considerations at play in finding the iPad insurance plan that best fits your needs

Does the policy cover conditions that match your iPad usage?

Differing people use their iPads differently. While business people and entrepreneurs would probably use their units for spreadsheets, checking business reports, and producing presentations, students would probably use theirs mostly for word processing, surfing the Net, research, and watching videos/playing music. Make sure the coverage you select for your iPad adequately covers your particular needs. If you use it as a primary tool for business, you'd probably want a policy with the fastest turnaround time. You would also probably opt for a wider range in repair options. If you use your iPad as a more mobile and convenient version of your notebook computer, your replacement considerations might probably be at a less crucial level than if you were using the unit for your livelihood. Make sure to do a thorough self-assessment regarding your particular needs so you can pick the right iPad insurance and protect yourself from being over insured or underinsured.

Does the coverage match your common usage area?

Do you use your iPad as your primary computing device when travelling overseas? Do you travel overseas often? Many Apple iPad insurance policies provide worldwide coverage. Make sure you actually need this coverage provision. Not all iPad users travel extensively or frequently. Consider the premium amount charged for this coverage and balance it with the likelihood you'll need it based on your recent travel history and anticipated short-term travel plans. Factor in your travel patterns and plans so you can avoid paying too much or getting inadequate coverage.

Does the coverage provide for fast unit replacement or repair?

If you use your iPad primarily as a stand in for your notebook computer, paying extra for fast unit replacement might not be as crucial compared to if you use your iPad as your primary business communication devise. Don't overpay for expedited unit replacement or repair policy provisions if you have a back up device and don't really use your iPad for crucial income generating activities. While the convenience of quick replacement and repair is nice, it totally depends on your actual needs whether this policy extra is worth paying an added premium for.

Compare iPad insurance plans for maximum value

The bottom-line: every user is different. Don't get stuck with a “one size fits all” Apple iPad insurance solution. These “general” coverage plans often result in either under coverage or expensive over coverage. Compare plans carefully and keep the considerations above in mind. Finding the right insurance policy all depends on how well you know your particular needs and situation and comparing plans accordingly. Make sure to check each policy feature closely so you're comparing “apples to apples.” Safeguard your iPad through responsible and informed insurance policy comparison.

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