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Compare Laptop Insurance

To compare Laptop Insurance and find the policy for you, simply choose your Laptop's value in the drop-down menu below.

Get the Right Laptop Insurance at the Right Price

Explode your personal productivity with laptop computing

Laptops are no longer luxury devices. They are indispensable tools that boost your productivity regardless of where you are. These computers dramatically increase your freedom because you can do computing in an almost unlimited number of settings. With the rapid popularity of Wi-Fi, you can access the Web from more places than ever before. You can communicate with friends, business associates, generate sales, download/upload multimedia files, enjoy videos, play games, and chat from an increasing number of locations. As Wi-Fi adoption gets wider and wider, the list of areas where you can't get wireless access is constantly getting shorter. With this wide reach, laptops let you boost your personal productivity since you're able to work and play longer at all times and at many more places.

Considering how crucial your laptop and data are to your personal and professional life, shouldn't you protect yourself against the loss, theft, or breakdown of your laptop?

Protect your mobile computing freedom with the RIGHT laptop insurance plan

With the increasing popularity of small portable gadget insurance plans, you can now get insurance coverage for your laptop at reasonably affordable rates. However, your search should not just focus on finding the lowest rates. Make sure you are getting the right insurance coverage. Some plans' prices are quite low indeed but their coverage might not be the coverage you need when you suffer a loss. Other “premium” plans provide much wider and coverage but you might be throwing money away if many of the premium coverage provisions don't really apply to how you use your computer. Beware of undercoverage and overcoverage. Find the cheap laptop insurance that is just right for your actual laptop usage and situation. Here are some key questions to keep in mind when trying to make sense of all the differing laptop insurance policies available in the market today:

Does the policy cover against accidents and liquid damage?

Considering the wide variety of settings you can find yourself using your laptop, your laptop is subject to a wide range of risks. The sad fact is that increased mobility brings increased risks of accidents. The more you use your laptop at more locations, the more you need to protect yourself against accidents. Make sure you look for coverage provisions that address a wide range of accidental damage situations. Closely review your current and projected laptop usage and see if the provisions cover both your actual and potential use. Make sure to pick apart policy provisions for applicability. Some policies seem “beefy” but don't really provide wide enough coverage for accidents. This leads to undercoverage and you don't get the protection you need. Others might cover situations that don't apply to you and this leads to wasted money through overcoverage. One key provision you should look for is liquid damage coverage. Laptops are extremely sensitive pieces of electronic equipment. More than dust, pressure, and other risks, liquid damage, as a class, pose the worst risk for your laptop. Make sure the laptop insurance policy you're considering covers this class of risk.

How wide is its coverage against theft?

Laptops are expensive and, if unsecured, quite easy to steal. While all laptop insurance policies provide protection against theft in some manner, shape, or form, review the anti-theft provisions closely to see if it matches your particular needs. In particular, look at how your laptop will be valued and replacement options. Also, speed of replacement is important if you use your laptop for business or income generation compared to a purely entertainment/personal use.

Is the policy coverage worldwide?

Your laptop insurance policy must also mirror your travel patterns. If you travel extensively, make sure your policy's “international” coverage covers the actual countries you go to and, in the future, might go to. Don't just look at your current situation, try to look ahead and pick the right insurance policy that accommodates your likely possibilities as well. Once you have a clear idea of your travel possibilities, you might be able to save some money picking out a policy that reflects your current and likely travel patterns.

Compare “apples to apples” for cheap laptop insurance

Cost is a driving factor but make sure you apply the considerations discussed above so you are actually comparing “apples to apples” instead of coverage “packages.” Comparisons based on “packages” might not yield accurate and trustworthy result since differing packages label services slightly differently. Focus on the actual coverage to protect your laptop and your peace of mind. Your laptop is your passport to the digital world – make sure you give it the proper insurance protection it deserves.

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