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Protecting Your Mobile Against The Unexpected

Insuring your mobile phone has never been easier. Insurance4mobiles offer one of the most comprehensive mobile insurance plans available from only £2.49 per month. Our market leading mobile insurance policy is ideal for those of you looking for comprehensive cover for your valuable mobile at a competitive price. You also have the peace of mind in knowing your phone is fully protected against any unfortunate mishaps.

Mobile thefts are on the rise and we have responded to this risk by implementing theft cover as standard with every policy. As well as theft protection your mobile will also be covered for a multitude of risks, including loss of your phone, accidental damage, liquid spillages, worldwide cover and fraudulent calls.

There are so many reasons why you should consider protecting your phone and with our 1 Month Free Cover offer, what have you got to lose?

Insurance4mobiles understand that phones are an integral part of people’s lives - many of us feel naked without our trusty phones by our side. Unfortunately with this comes risk. As we take our phones wherever we go this can often lead to them becoming damaged, lost or even stolen.

If you need to make a claim, then to speed up the process we operate a guaranteed 48 hours replacement service. So, if your phone is damaged or you have simply lost it, we will process your claim rapidly to ensure you are provided with a replacement handset quickly and without fuss.

Six Considerations When Buying Mobile Phone Insurance

With so many makes, models and price plans available, choosing mobile phone insurance that’s right for your handset can be somewhat of a headache if you don’t carry out your due diligence properly. Not only do the brand name phone makers and call plan providers offer their own mobile insurance, but many of the more established insurance houses also provide competitively priced and multi-featured insurance packages for your chosen handset. Again, the myriad options available with each cover plan can be daunting, so we’re put together the following six key considerations that you should take into account when you compare mobile phone insurance.

1. Theft cover

Probably at the top of most people’s list when it comes to insuring your phone. Making sure your policy covers the correct make, model and purchase price of your mobile is very important. Cover plans for even the most expensive handsets such as the latest iPhones and touch screen models needn’t cost more than a few pounds a month if you shop around – whilst still providing the comprehensive protection your handset type requires.

2. Fraudulent calls

Related to the theft of your mobile, you need to ensure that your mobile phone insurance policy covers you for fraudulent calls made by someone who steals your handset. Users have been left with horrendous bills when someone has taken their phone and racked up hours using it illicitly. Do you home work and make sure this essential cover feature is included.

3. Loss

With all the expensive apps, music and games that can be stored on a modern phone – not to mention personal items such as photos and contacts – losing your phone can be a nightmare and mean you have to start again. Of course, your mobile insurance plan should cover you against loss as standard – but make sure you check. Some insurers also offer a contact back up service in partnership with the mobile company, so it pays to look into what exactly you’re covered for (and where) if you lose your phone.

4. Accidental damage

Accidents happen, but if you drop your brand new HTC touch screen mobile and crack the screen – you won’t necessarily want to hear that. However, what will help make things better is knowing your mobile insurance policy has such an eventually covered. Again, it’s crucial to read the small print and get several quotes before you make your purchase – as the definition of accidental damage differs from insurer to insurer.

5. Liquid damage

Frequently listed on your policy features as a separate item to the above, liquid damage cover can often be a minefield of semantics when it comes to making a mobile phone insurance comparison. For example, if you accidentally drop your phone in the bath you may not be covered – whereas rain damage could be included. Ask any potential insurer to clarify exactly what you’re covered for before you sign on the dotted line.

6. World Wide Cover

Perhaps the final crucial feature of any mobile insurance package is whether you’re covered when you work abroad or go on holiday. Full worldwide cover should not add a great deal to your overall monthly premium, but is definitely needed when you’re travelling or working away from home. Some options cover Europe, while others extend to truly global coverage – but not all policies cater for some of the features mentioned above while you’re out of the country. Insist on knowing just exactly what your worldwide cover actually protects you against before you sign up and you should be fine.


When it comes to the many and varied policy features of mobile phone insurance, sometimes all is not what it seems on the surface. Before making a commitment, make sure you dig a little deeper to ensure you know exactly what you’re signing up for before forking out any of your hard-earned money. Once you’re sure you’ve made the right decision with your choice of mobile insurance, you can sit back and relax in the knowledge that doing your homework has saved you money in the long run.

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